Due to the cancellation of GDC and most of the other events surrounding the conference, GDC Run is taking a hiatus also. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2021. Don't forget to wash your hands!
WHAT: A 3-mile round-trip jog to the bay and back
WHEN: 7:30am, Monday thru Friday of GDC (Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2019)
WHERE: The corner of 5th and Market (might need to zoom out one click)
With the annual Game Developers Conference looming boss-like on the horizon, I'm very pleased to announce the return of the GDC Morning Detox Marathon! The Morning Detox Marathon is a kind of temporary running club that helps us all maintain what little grip on sanity we have left during the week-long poison-guzzling friend-hugging flu-getting party that constitutes a conference in our particular field. Originally created by Noel Llopis, and aptly and officially named by Kayla Kinnunen, the Morning Detox Marathon is a good way to get a bit of fresh air before stumbling from one speaker hall to another in preparation for a night of bar-closing shenanigans.
There are no signups, RSVPs, entrance fees, or any strings of any sort (except shoe laces?) connected to this activity. If you want to join in, just show up, and we'll see you there!
To be fair, we do not actually run 26.2 miles every morning, on account of liking to be alive. Instead, the run consists of a leisurely jog up Market St to Pier 14 near the Embarcadero, where we take a quick stretch break before heading back to our starting point near the Powell St Bart station. The course is completely flat (haha, take that, San Francisco); no hill-panic necessary.
The entire run is just under 3 miles, and we don't exactly sprint it. I would probably classify this run as "easy" but not "beginner". If you're in good shape, but haven't done much running, you'll probably be fine. If you've been running for a few months already I think you will be ok, especially since we take a break in the middle for stretching and stuff out on the pier. However, a great way to test is to go for your own three mile jog sometime before GDC. Mornings in SF can be chilly, even in the best of weather, so you might want to bring a light but long-sleeved shirt and/or some thin gloves, depending on your preference and the forecast. Short of lightning and hail, there will be runners out every morning!
The GDC Morning Detox Marathon is a safe and inclusive event for anyone with an interest in game-making and running. While the idea is to bring together people involved in videogames who also happen to enjoy running, you do not have to be attending GDC in order to participate. The Morning Detox Marathon is a non-competitive and supportive group that is about trying to get hangovers less, not showing off who is the best. We are nerds getting some fresh air, not a gym! We will not tolerate any discriminatory or predatory behavior, and we welcome everyone with an interest in running and making games, regardless of background or identity, to join us for a refreshing jog (or five) in a beautiful city.
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send me an email or a tweet, and I will do my best to help!
This event is not officially related to GDC in any way, shape or form. If you decide to participate in this event, you and you alone are legally responsible for your physical safety. We will be running at a reasonable pace, in a group, in populated areas, but like any athletic activity and/or outing in a city full of traffic, twisted ankles and other injuries are always a possibility. Please be careful and have fun!!